en ce moment


If someone breaks your heart, just punch them in the face. Oh sure, it seems obvious now, but you’d be amazed at how many people don’t think of it when it’s relevant. Seriously, just punch them in the face and go get some ice cream.

You've always had the power, my dear. You've had it all along." - Glenda, the good witch 

"She seemed glad to see me when I appeared in the kitchen, and by watching her I began to think there was some skill involved in being a girl." -To Kill a Mockingbird

fool in the rain

Well there's a light in your eye that keeps shining
Like a star that can't wait for the night
I hate to think I've been blinded baby
Why can't I see you tonight?

I'll run in the rain till I'm breathless
When I'm breathless I'll run till I drop, hey
The thoughts of a fool's kind of careless
I'm just a fool waiting on the wrong block, oh yeah
Light of the love that I found... 

my old man crush....i love love love jeff bridges


'Cause I'm just a summer girl 
I wear my flip flops 
And when I let my hair down 
That's when the party starts 
And who needs a boyfriend 
I've got my girlfriends 
And when we get together 
The summer never ends

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